Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nine Months....Psh That's Not A Long Time

Since I haven't posted anything since September of last year....actually I don't really know how to continue that statement. School took up most of my time until Summer began in May and I've never had the urge to get back into blogging until now for some reason. Perhaps it's because I feel like there's no one reading the useless babble that I type every once in a while. But in order to control my sanity over the next few months, as well as to keep up my writing ability, I'll try and post some interesting material over the next few weeks, even if no one reads it. I have been playing/reviewing/getting frustrated by video games since I got home. Fable 2, Mirror's Edge, Gears of War, Mass Effect, and God Of War 3 are all on my "to review" list. But then again I also want to take this blog in directions other than the monotonous overused "video game blog."
Eh, I'll think about it. Oh and by the way......leaving a comment would make me more inclined to continue posting stuff.....that is if you're interested. =]