Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dead Space Review

What's this?!?!? Electronic Arts making a decent game that ISN'T a sports game? And you're telling me its a survival horror game? Where the crap did this come from?

Dead Space IS a survival horror game. It IS by Electronic Arts. And it ISN'T that scary. Whoops did I just ruin it? I guess I did.

The game begins with as you crash land on the deck of the USG Ishimura, a mining ship that recently lost all communications. You play as Issac Clarke, assigned to investigate the termination of the ship. As you walk into a room, a quarantine takes effect and all the doors lock. You can only watch as a muntant....thing...pops down out of the ceiling and feasts upon the flesh of your crew.

Oooo that's scary you might say. Dead Space is a game that doesn't scare as much as it's advertised to. Once you see one enemy revive itself from acting dead, you get tired as the set pieces begin to repeat themselves. I found myself looking at a "dead" enemy on the floor thinking.....balls I have no health, two shots left, and there's an enemy about to bite my face off and rape my eye sockets.

The only disturbing feature of the game I found was the variety of ways enemies can disembody your special main character. There's the old fashioned chop my limbs off like I'm the black knight from Monty Python. However, some enemies had horiffic methods to disembowl me. One of which is the squid like thing. Let me just pause here....So I'm playing on Medium mode when the squids arrive. I try shooting them but there's a few of them and they take damage pretty well. Not to mention they're fast as heck. The squids decide to take advantage of my 5% health and jump on my face. In their enjoyment, the squid that was hungriest of all decided to rip my head off. But no he wanted more! He then took it upon himself to stick his long tenticles down into the area where my head used to be, jamming them into my spine and such so that his head was now my head. What made the scene worse was the fact that Issac still had some life in him as he tried desperately to pull the creature off. Yeah that part....was pretty freaky.

The rest of the game is pretty repetitive. In one chapter you have to find a specific type of enemy screwing up the clean air and take care of him. The only problem, there's about 10 of them scattered about an enormous floor of the ship. It seemed to me as if the designers were just trying to lengthen the game to fit it into the 6-8 hour game time slot.

Boss fights are pretty well done though. Especially the one in zero gravity. Zero-G thoughout the game is fairly intuitive and works well for the genre. When you enter a Zero-G zone you have another dimension for enemies to pop out of.

Dead Space is good for a suspenseful night and is best played with the lights out and no ambient noise. It's no Silent Hill 3, but under those circumstances, it can really get the blood pumping. Since I borrowed this game from my friend, I felt I might as well get all of the trophies/achievements for it. It took me a while, Impossible mode was the most annoying, but I perservered. If you play on Easy mode then don't expect any scares at all. Pretty much every enemy dies in one hit its almost laughable.

It's good enough for a rent if you've got an urge for a horror game though I won't suggest buying it since now that I've beaten it on the hardest difficulty I find that there is nothing else I can do in the game. It's not a long lasting game but for the time spent playing it, it's well worth it. Check it out.

Movie Review: Taken

Although I missed seeing Taken when it was in theaters, I decided to rent it and see how it stood up to most action movies like Bourne and 007 since it's in the same genre.

The protagonist Brian Mills (played by Liam Neeson), is a divorced ex-CIA(?) agent who tries to become closer with his seventeen-year-old daughter Kim (Maggie Grace). When Kim askes her father for permission to fly to Paris with her friend, Brian feels uneasy about the trip. As an ex-government agent, he knows of the dangers of allowing a young girl to travel out of the country. However, the pressure forced onto him by his ex-wife finally gets the best of him.

As Kim arrives in Paris, she is greeted by a stranger who kindly offers to split a taxi ride with the two girls. After the two are dropped off, the spotter sends in the information: Two girls, around seventeen, alone.

As the two get settled in at the apartment, Kim's father calls to ensure she landed safely. Before the conversation has ended, Kim sees three men break into the apartment and apprehend the other girl. Brian, knowing the outcome, tells his daughter: "You will be taken. I will come for you."

Taken is a fast paced, action thriller like no other. Brian, although the "good-guy" can be far from a hero at points. He ruthlessly kills enemies even as they beg for life. During one scene, *SPOILER ALERT* Brian finds the man who kidnapped his daughter only to find he has sold her. To get the information he requires, Brian bounds the man to a chair and impales two large nails into each of his legs. Oh no he's not done yet don't worry. He then attaches clamps to the nails which connect to an electrical circuit. When the guy doesn't tell him what he wants, well he get a nice dose of current running through his body. After finally getting the name of the buyer, Brian starts to leave. He stops and says to the man, "I told you I would find you...and I would kill you." As the man begs for his life, Brian flips the switch, leaving the current running through the tied up man, and leaves him to die.

Yeah pretty different for a good guy eh?

Taken doesn't let up the action until the credits start rolling. Brian will use any means necessary to get his daughter back from the human smugglers. As I watched this movie, I couldn't help but think to myself that most of the events portrayed actually occur. Men greet women under the age of 21 traveling alone and see where they are staying. They then kidnap them, get them addicted to drugs, and then either sell them to forced-labor camps or market them as prostitutes. Haha the movie kinda made me not want to go to Paris anytime soon =P

The only problem I have with the movie is that its short (no this doesn't mean make a short joke....Trevor...). It's only an hour and a half. I felt as if I was about to be immersed by the storyline but was cut short due to names scrolling across the screen saying "haha screw you the movie's over jerk"

Listen, it's no Bourne. It's not 007. But if you're in the mood for an awesome straight up action flick then go see Taken. My advice, it's a strong rent for sure.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

No Burrito Just Taco No!

Alright so Adrian and I were messing around on the Internet in Engineering class a few years ago. Either we were really hungry because it wasn't lunch time yet or we just had a random facination with tacos....we discovered the "Taco Song" by a band called Never Heard of It. We listened to it and were amazed. It was so random...well just listen. The video I don't really know...its from the Sims. It's the song I'm focusing on =].

Yeah pretty weird huh? Post your comments I'd like to see what you all think of it. =]